14 january 13:15–14:15


 Studio, Cubes
Maxim Akimov, Chief Executive Officer, Russian Post
Vyacheslav Nikolaev, President, Chairman of the Management Board, MTS
Mikhail Oseevskiy, President, Chairman of the Management Board, Rostelecom
Oleg Fomichev, Director for Strategic Planning and Development, ComplexProm
Leading a traditional company through a digital transformation, increasing economic efficiency, reducing costs, and entering new markets with new digital products is the dream of almost any top manager in a company with national or international ambitions. "Everyone does THIS," but not everyone is, or rather, rarely becomes successful.

Discussion points:
• Are there major differences in the digital transformation of public and private companies? What are the determinants of perception of new digital models?
• Is corporate culture really the main "devourer" of failed digital transformation attempts?
• Are there peculiarities of the "national model" of digital transformation, or are Russian corporations and the state following global trends?
• The "secret ingredients" of digital transformation of leading companies: what out-of-the-box solutions and innovative practices have been implemented?
• The “inertia of dormancy”: where to start digital transformation to take a company out of its "comfort zone"?
• Risks: what are the risks of losing existing competitive advantages and a working business model and not gaining new "digital" advantages? Can digital transformation disrupt a company, and how can you prevent it?
• Digital transformation team: what is the likely proportion of people engaged and own employees at different stages of digital transformation?