14 january 12:00–12:45


 Studio, Clock
Sophia Azizian, EY Partner, Head of the HR Strategy in the CIS
Raisa Demina, Chairman of the Board of Directors, TM Velcom Group
Marina Zhigalova, Investor; Entrepreneur
Galina Izotova, Deputy Chairman, Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation
Gender pay gap reporting rules have now been introduced in Europe. In the Great Britain, France and Germany, these rules apply to employers with 250 or more employees. Some countries recommend disclosure of their gender equality policies for executive and board positions and set quotas. Other countries set voluntary targets, and countries such as Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom have a 30% target (30% club). Despite progress at the policy level, there is a need for a more systematic internal approach to measure progress towards gender equality, which will address the recruitment, retention, promotion and representation of women both in business units and at management levels.
Businesses and governments should look for an optimal set of metrics to measure progress towards gender equality.