13 january 14:30–16:00


 Studio, Edge
Vyacheslav Fedorischev, First Deputy Governor of Tula Region
Dmitry Azarov, Governor of Samara Region
Aleksandr Bloshenko, Executive Director for Advanced Projects and Science, Roskosmos State Corporation for Space Activities
Oleg Evtushenko, Executive Director, Russian Technologies State Corporation
Artem Zdunov, Head of the Republic of Mordovia
Aysen Nikolaev, Head of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Alexey Texler, Governor of Chelyabinsk Region
Andrey Travnikov, Governor of Novosibirsk Region
Valery Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
In 2019-2021, 15 research and education centers have been created, covering 35 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which claim global leadership in a number of industry areas.
The programs for the development of these research and education centers (RECs) are aimed at a qualitative expansion of the scientific and technological potential of Russian regions and increasing the investment attractiveness of the research and development sector.
The formation of world-class scientific and educational centers is a "long" agenda for the next 10 years or more. The experience of the first three years indicates that the effect of the work of the REC participants will be cumulative. Therefore, technological projects of RECs should be as applied as possible, and investments should pay off with a profit for the economy of the regions.
However, the heads of the constituent entities involved in this work took additional responsibility for achieving the indicators with relatively small federal funding.

Discussion points:
• Is the REC a management structure or a tool to improve the competitiveness of territories?
• The region as a customer and consumer of scientific developments.
• Is it possible to identify the contribution of RECs to the innovative economic development of the region?
• How to increase trust between scientific and industrial partners?
• Industrialists as the main customers of technologies;
• Is the rotation of RECs a path to development or to competition?
• Do RECs require a special legal regime?