13 january 12:30–13:30


 Studio, Numbers
Sergey Mironov, Restaurateur, Founder of the "Meat & Fish" Restaurants; President of the Union of Restaurant Managers of Russia; Vice President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers; Ombudsman of the Restaurant Market in Moscow and Moscow Region
Mikhail Razvozhayev, Governor of Sevastopol
Oleg Khorokhordin, Head of the Altai Republic, Representative Office Altai Republic
Andrey Chibis, Governor of Murmansk Region
Konstantin Shestakov, Head of the City of Vladivostok
In 2021, information campaigns and demand for regional gastronomy during travel exceeded regional capacity by a multiple. What does that mean? Out of 130 thousand catering facilities in the Russian Federation less than 1% of them specialize in Russian regional cuisine and are a tourist attraction.

One of the main obstacles to the development and implementation of Russian regional cuisine in the tourism infrastructure is the almost complete absence of ready-made solutions and production of Russian regional products for HoReCa enterprises working in the segment of Russian regional cuisine in Russia. A number of other impediments are attributable to the inaccessibility or complete scarcity of the regional product, in part due to the inability to legalize the production processes for wild crop.

Gastronomic tourism is based on the desire to enjoy well-known regional products and characteristic dishes of regional cuisine, their recipes based on centuries-old traditions and customs of local people, culture of preparation and consumption of food.

Discussion points:
• The daily street food and food for travelers are different industries in terms of content, composition of services, values and meaning.
• Regional identity as a competitive advantage of tourist products
• How to develop regional products and turn them into regional brands? — How to use regional brands for gastronomic tourism?
• How to promote regional brands and local cuisine?
• How is the work on institutionalization of Russian regional cuisine going today?
• How to train highly qualified personnel for gastronomic tourism in the regions?