13 january 10:15–11:00


 Studio, Ellipses
Lev Surat, Rector, Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis
Galina Soldatova, Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Chief Editor, Children in the Information Society
Maxim Spiridonov, venture capitalist and serial technology entrepreneur
Igor Chubarov, Vice-Rector, Director of the Institute of Social and Humanitarian Sciences of Tyumen State University
The pandemic was the trigger that made the process of transformation and transition to the digital world so rapid that it surpassed all expectations and predictions. We cannot change the existing reality, but we can learn to live in it, help those for whom digitalization has proven to be an insurmountable barrier to a new life without the possibility of smooth adaptation.
New laws and rules, new boundaries of the possible and the permissible, are needed to harmonize the new reality. All of this is defined by ethics that is now called "ethics of digitalization" — the ethics of the new world and the new reality.