15 january 14:15–16:00
Dialogues in Three Acts


 Fireplace Lounge
Languages: Russian, English
Deficit of Trust:
Alexey Kudrin, Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Avdotya Smirnova, Russian Film Director
Deficit of Understanding:
Ruben Vardanian, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Tatyana Chernigovskaya, Professor, Сorresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education, Head of the Institute for Cognitive Studies, Head of the Department of the Problems of Convergence in Natural Sciences and Humanities of SPBU
Deficit of Sense:
Alexander Arkhangelsky, Professor, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Lev Dodin, Artistic Director, The Maly Drama Theatre
Intermissions, Prologue and Epilogue:
Alexander Asmolov, Director, School of Anthropology of the Future, RANEPA
Perhaps the ancient sages were not so wrong asserting that the Earth stood on three whales. However, these three whales were named Trust, Understanding and Sense.

In order to avoid the assumption being seen just a flight of imagination, let us dare to search for sense, and discuss the following:
• Will tomorrow come – Tomorrow?
• Will the humanity torn by contradictions be able to find footholds in the pursuit of tomorrow?
• What do the best recipes of happiness for society tend to become when they come off unfaithful lips?
• Are the endless fakes and conspiracy concepts that generously feed mass consciousness with simple answers to complex questions a sad price to pay for failure to understand the post-Covid reality?
• Is this mass consciousness philosophy to wait out the crisis, which is supported by persistent nostalgia for yesterday, related to poor understanding of the New Normal?
• Are there any chances to abandon the “waiting out the crisis” illusion, and start “rather not wait out, but live?”
• Is it time to realize that social allergy to any impersonal reforms is associated with deep motivation to overcome the deficits of trust, understanding and sense, that permeate the behavior of each person, of large and small social groups?

We invite everyone who wishes to take part in the discussion of the issues raised above, to the three-act performance where the motivating speakers will be: