14 january 17:00–17:45


 Fireplace Lounge
Languages: Russian, English
Kirill Dmitriev, Chief Executive Officer, Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF)
Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Alexey Repik, Chairman, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia); Chairman of the Board, Group R-Pharm
Change in the structure of the Russian economics is a necessary condition for achieving national goals and sustainable development goals.
Technological changes in the last decade have received an additional impetus in Russia in the context of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Modern formats of economic activities, i.e. remote employment, platform solutions, digital finance increase business flexibility and open up new niches. This creates an opportunity for structural change.

Issues for discussion:
• What can and should the state do in order for new trends to become a driver of structural changes in the economics?
• How do investors assess the prospects for changing the structure of the Russian economics?
• Have their sectoral interests changed during the crisis?
• Do the investors’ sectoral priorities coincide with the state’s priorities?
• Do the state and investors see the main obstacles to rapid and large-scale structural changes in the economics in the same way?