14 january 17:00–17:45
Expert Discussion


 Matrix Studio
Languages: Russian, English
Olga Berek, President of the National Association of Bloggers
Dmitry Zemskov, Blogger
Alla Zemskova, Blogger
Sergey Mironov, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Vice President, Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia
We frequently encounter skepticism about bloggers and their activities. At the same time, blogging ceases to be a hobby, meeting all the criteria of a professional activity: it requires special skills, is in demand in the market and in society, and makes a profit. The pandemic has negatively affected most sectors of the economics, traditional businesses are facing a crisis, while bloggers are experiencing a new wave of growth. The content produced in social media covers an unimaginable scale and pays impressive dividends to its authors. According to experts, the volume of the advertising market in Russian blogs exceeds 10 billion rubles and is growing every year.

Issues for discussion:
• What development paths does blogging have in the medium term?
• If blogging is a profession, how can one learn it?
• What related specialties directly affect success?
• Is it necessary to regulate activities by the state?
• Will the society’s attitude towards the new occupation change or is it just a sign of the times?
• What is the secret of bloggers' effectiveness as advertising channels?
• Which channels are showing the highest growth rates in terms of advertising revenue?