14 january 14:45–15:30
Expert Discussion


 Modern Studio
Languages: Russian, English
Pavel Poteev, Leading Expert of the Center for Training Leaders for Digital Transformation
Alexander Ozharovsky, Project Director of Sberbank
Mikhail Petrov, Director of the Digital Transformation Department of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation
Andrey Selsky, Deputy Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation
Maria Shklyaruk, Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Advanced Governance (CAG); Scientific Director, Digital Transformation Leadership Training Centre of RANEPA
Authors of the Digital Transformation Strategy report will discuss with experts, representatives of federal and regional authorities, how a long-term digital strategy that is consistent with the goals and the changing external environment should be developed, and what approaches should be used to work out the effective development programs.

Issues for discussion:
• What does a good meaningful strategy look like and what does it consist of? How do we know if this strategy is good or not?
• The strategy has been written: what's next? What hidden agendas can be encountered during its implementation?
• Is digital transformation necessary for strategic management itself?