14 january 13:30–14:15
Expert Discussion


 Fireplace Lounge
Languages: Russian, English
Ruben Vardanian, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Sergei Kravtsov, Minister of Education of the Russian Federation
Valery Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
Block 1
• How do you understand professional and social success in the 21st century?
• Will the criteria for success change in the coming years or in the next 20 years?
• How can this success be measured?
• What needs to be changed or added to the education system to meet these criteria?
• Where and when should we start teaching it (at school or university) and why?

Block 2
• Who is capable of teaching a student to be professionally and socially successful – who should be entrusted with this grand task?
• How competent are today's teachers and educators to teach this skill? What needs to be changed in their preparation and training for that?
• What is the general role of teachers and educators in the 21st century?
• How will online teaching methods affect this?

Block 3
• We are the last 'hybrid' generation easily finding our way around in the offline and online environments alike. And for the first time in global history, children are teaching their parents how to use technology, not vice versa: until recently, the transfer of knowledge went in one direction, from old to young.
• What can be done about it? How can this process be directed? How can we benefit from this situation, integrate it into the lifelong learning process?
• Will this new reality affect approaches to education or not? If so, at what level? At school or at universities?