14 january 11:00–11:45
Expert Discussion


 White Studio
Languages: Russian, English
Victor Tolmachev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the ACIG Group of Companies
Alexey Shipov, Director of the Change Management Center, RANEPA
Maxim Ageev, Vice President of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals segment for Europe and the CIS, Schneider Electric
Andrey Betin, Deputy Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Region
Evgeniy Chekin, Deputy Chairman of the Government of of Kamchatka Territory
As a result of the pandemic, organizations were forced to change their approaches to work with personnel and learn to solve new problems: how to control distance work in order to avoid loss of efficiency, how to prevent burnout of the most productive employees, how to maintain social connections in the team without being able to organize “live” meetings, and much more. The new tasks forced the changes to which the world planned to smoothly move within 3—5 years. This was especially true for digital transformation, which continues to gain momentum in all sectors of business and state management, which is largely reflected in the work with human capital.

Issues for discussion:
• Changes forever: how to transform work with employees exposed to the pandemic. Which tasks were the most difficult to solve and required the most resources?
• Talent management in a new environment: efficiency, stress tolerance, leadership
• Digitalization as an efficiency culture driver
• Change in values during a pandemic. How can digital technologies work for motivation and life-work balance? How to support employees effectively?
• Solutions prompted by the pandemic: what we will save and what we will give up