15 january 17:00–17:30
Expert Dialogue


 Fireplace Lounge
Languages: Russian, English
Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Vladimir Mau, Rector, RANEPA
Issues for discussion:
• Post-pandemic growth: are we sure it will really be “a new kind of growth,” not just a recovery or growth by inertia? What is the rationale behind this assumption?
• What are the differences: growth structure, drivers, geography?
• What is the role of international institutions, including the IMF in this situation? Is the IMF ready for a situation where many countries, especially emerging economies, emerge from the pandemic with a high level of debt?
• Will we continue to measure growth as we have done until this point, or will the methodologies change due to the IT transformation of the economy and international trade?
• Can we say that even growth criteria will change – such as wealth, lower levels of inequality and mortality, access to education?