Vladimir Bogatyrev — Rector, Samara National Research University named after academician S.P. Korolev
Born on June 25, 1974 in Kuibyshev

1997: Samara State Aerospace University, Department of Computer Science
Degree: Applied Mathematics
Qualification: Engineer-Mathematician
2012: Samara State University, Department of Law
Major: Jurisprudence
Qualification: Lawyer
Advanced degrees and ranks:
2000: PhD (Economics), Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economics.
2005: academic rank of Associate Professor
2006: Doctor of Economics, Mathematical and instrumental methods in economics
2009: academic rank of Full Professor

Until January 15, 2019: Vice-Rector for Educational and International Activities of Samara University

Author and co-author of 17 textbooks, methodological guidelines and monographs, more than 130 publications in Russian and English, 6 publications in Scopus

Supervisor of 11 PhD theses in Economics and Management
Chairman of Dissertation Council of Samara University in Economics