Tatiana Klyachko — Director of the Center for Continuing Education Economics of RANEPA
T. Klyachko graduated from the Economics Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1973 with a degree in economic cybernetics. From 1973 to 1976, she studied at the post-graduate school of the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences, and in 1977, she defended her Candidate thesis.
From 1976, she worked as a junior and then senior researcher at the VNIISI SCST and USSR Academy of Sciences, where, in 1985, she moved to her current position at the Institute of Economic Forecasting. In 1995, she began teaching at the Higher School of Economics. From 1998, she headed the Center for Educational Policy of the HSE, which dealt with problems of reforming the country's education system.
Since 2003, she has been working at the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, which, in 2010, was transformed into the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Governmental Service. Klyachko is Director of the Center for Continuing Education Economy. Since 2013, she is also a chief researcher at the Institute of Humanitarian Development of Metropolises. In 2007, she defended her thesis for the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences. Her doctoral dissertation was devoted to the modernization of the Russian system of higher education.
In 2010, she was part of a working group of the State Council of the Russian Federation on the development of vocational education. In 2011, Klyachko co-chaired the expert group Reform of the public sector in the economy; in 2013, she was part of an ASI working group to support socially oriented non-profit organizations.
T. Klyachko is a professor in the Department of Public Administration and Public Economics (Department of Economics) of the NRU HSE, teaching courses such as Theory and Practice of Public Administration and Analysis of Costs and Benefits, and along with colleagues also conducts the scientific seminar State and Municipal Finances.
In 2009–2010, she was part of the Expert Council on Economics of the Education Committee of the State Duma.
In 2014, she became Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council of the Higher Certification Commission for Sectoral and Regional economy.
Her research interests include the economics of education and education management.
She is the author of over 100 scientific and popular scientific works, including 16 monographs.


14 january 11:00–12:00
Expert Discussion


The Loft

Languages: Russian, French
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Moderators: Sergey Sinelnikov-Murylev, Emmanuel Tric Panellists: Vladimir Vasiliev, Tatiana Klyachko, Abdo Malac, Delphine Manceau, Vladimir Mau, Karine Samuel, Mikhail Strikhanov, Patrice Houdayer, Vladimir Filippov