Sergey Kazarnovsky — Director of the Education Center No. 686 "Class-Center", Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation
Sergey Kazarnovsky was born in 1954, graduated from the Moscow Engineering and Construction Institute in 1976, went to graduate school, went to work at a factory - and began putting on plays. In 1981 he came to work at School No. 69 and together with his friend, English teacher Sergei Loiko, organized there theatrical studio. Why, the question arises, did he go to MISI? This would become clear later, when he began building his school and supervised the laying of the foundation and erection of the walls himself.
In 1985, Kasarnovsky entered the directing department of the Drama School named after Shchukin, and in 1989 he received a degree in drama directing.
In 1990, Sergei Zinnovievich left school No. 69 for the Palace of Pioneers "Na Miussa" - and the children of the school theater and teachers followed him. A year later, he organized the First International Festival "Theatre Where Children Play".
In 1990, Kazarnovsky took to the open sea. Under the agreement of the House of Pioneers "On the Miuss" and the school number 69, he recruited the first class. The children studied on the premises of the "Na Miussy" house. But the usual school lessons alternated with unaccustomed ones: there were lessons of music, acting, painting, word-work and "stories about theater. A year later this venture had the name "Alternative School," and another year later "School-Complex 686 "Class Center."
"Class Center" constantly participates (and became a prize-winner) in Moscow and all-Russian festivals ("Theatrical vacations", "Young talents of Moscow", "Theatrical games in Lefortovo", "Theatrical ladushki", etc.), and in many international projects (Holland, USA, Luxembourg, France, Ireland, Hungary, Spain, Finland).
Kazarnovsky's creative activity has found support and recognition in the highest echelons of post-Soviet Russia's government and educational bodies, and he has received many awards. In 1995-1996, he was a member of the Commission on Culture and Childhood under the President of the Russian Federation, and since 2002 he has been a member of the Grand Jury of the Moscow Teacher of the Year competition. In 2001 he was the winner of the first contest "Leader of Russian Education". In 2003 Kazarnovsky was awarded the honorary title "Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation".


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