Sergey Brilev — President, The Global Energy Association
Russian TV presenter, writer and public figure. Deputy Director of the Rossiya TV channel for special informational projects, President of the Bering-Bellingshausen Institute for Both Americas (Montevideo), member of the Praesidium of the Foreign and Defence Policy Council (Moscow), the only Russian journalist to have interviewed both the last two Presidents of the Russian Federation and the USA: Putin and Medvedev, Bush and Obama.
Born 24 July 1972 in Havana (Cuba).
Graduated from MGIMO MID RF (1995, Moscow), the Montevideo Institute of Foreign Languages (1991, Uruguay), and finished BBC courses (1995, London).
1990–1993: Komsomolskaya Pravda. Trainee, scholarship holder, correspondent-intern in the department of science and education.
1993–1995: Moscow News. International department special correspondent. In parallel, Moscow correspondent of the Uruguay El Observador Económico and the Argentinian La Razón, as well as Russian State Duma Latin America expert.
Since 1995: Rossiya (RTR) TV channel, including:
1995–1996: Vesti special correspondent (including during the First Chechen War).
1996–2001: Bureau Chief in London.
First broadcast as presenter on 11 September 2001 (day of the terrorist acts in the USA).
2001–2003: presenter of evening Vesti.
2003–2007: presenter of Vesti Nedeli, Deputy Director, Directorate of information programmes.
Since 2008: presenter of the Vesti on Saturday programme, Deputy Director of Rossiya TV channel.
Author of a multitude of documentary films: Secret of Three Oceans, Constitutional Practice, Duma Thinking, Right to Right, Heavy Oil, Another Coal, The Caribbean Crisis. An Incomprehensible Story, Nazarbayev’s Line, etc.
Author of the books: Forgotten Allies in World War II (2012) and Fidel. Football. Falklands (2008).
One of the main spheres of his professional activity is interviewing heads of state. In particular, in Latin America: Chavez (Venezuela), Ortega (Nicaragua), Correa (Ecuador), Morales (Bolivia), Sanguinetti (Uruguay), Bachelet (Chile) and so on.
By order of the Russian President, awarded the Order of Friendship, the medals 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg and 1000th Anniversary of Kazan (2005). Was the finalist and winner of the TEFI awards many times.
Speaks English and Spanish fluently.


14 january 15:30–16:15
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Moderator: Sergey Brilev Panellists: Alexander Dyukov, Alexander Novak