Roman Starovoyt — Governor of Kursk Region
Born on January 20, 1972 in Kursk. 1995 - graduated from D.F. Ustinov “Voenmeh” Baltic State Technical University (St. Petersburg), majored in impulse heat engines. 2008 - graduated from the Russian Federation Presidential North-West Academy of Public Administration, majored in state and municipal government. Class 1 Active State Advisor of the Russian Federation. 1995 - CEO at “Regionalnoe Investicionnoye Agentstvo” OJSC (“Regional Investment Agency”). 1995-2001 - Director General of “Promyshlennyi” non-state pension plan asset management company. 2002-2005 - CEO at construction company “Stroyinvest” LLC. 2005-2010 - worked in the Committee on Investments and Strategic Projects of the Government of St. Petersburg. 2010-2012 - Deputy Director of Industry and Infrastructure Department of the Central Office of the Government of the Russian Federation. From November 2012 - Head of the Federal Road Agency. Awards: In 2012 was awarded an honor credential of the Government of Russia, Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation, in 2014 - by the medal of honor. Married, 2 daughters. October 11, 2018 by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the Acting Governor of the Kursk Region. September 8, 2019, elected Governor of the Kursk Region. On September 16, 2019, he took office as Governor of the Kursk Region.


14 january 15:30–16:15
Expert Discussion


Matrix Studio

Languages: Russian, English
Moderator: Alexey Kolesnikov Panellists: Tatyana Dyakonova, Aleksandr Orekhov, Roman Starovoyt, Julia Tsvetkova, Valeriy Sherin