Pavel Bezruchko — Managing Partner of ECOPSY
In 1996, Pavel Bezruchko graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology. In 1996-1997 he was a postgraduate student at the Institute of Personal Development of the Russian Academy of Education, specializing in Psychology.

In 1997 he graduated from the Karen Horney Institute (USA) with a degree in Psychology.

He repeatedly attended advanced training programs in psychology and HR.

Pavel Bezruchko has been involved in HR consulting for over 15 years. He has been working at ECOPSY Consulting since 2001.

From 2003 to 2005 he headed the direction of "Personnel Development and Implementation of Changes". In 2005-2007, he was Executive Director, and has been General Director of the company since September 2007. Currently Pavel Bezruchko is Managing Partner, as well as the Head of the direction "Personnel Development and Implementation of Changes".

He is the author of numerous articles on HR management and organizational development in business and trade press. He is regularly published in the Vedomosti newspaper.
Author of the original concepts of Managerial Scale, Task Based Learning and others. Co-author of the 4F typology of management cultures.
Author of the bestselling book "No Water. How to Write Reports and Proposals for CEOs.


15 january 11:45–12:45
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Moderator: Dmitry Guzhelya Panellists: Pavel Bezruchko, Alexey Komissarov, Julia Uzhakina, Andrey Sharonov