Jose Antonio Vera — Director of Publications, “La Razón”
2018-present - Publications Director, Founder of La Razon (Spain)
2012 – 2018: President of Spanish EFE news agency
2005 – 2012: Publications Director and founder of the Spanish newspaper La Razon; under his management, its circulation increased from 35,800 to 145,700
2000-2005: General Manager of the Spanish newspaper La Razon.
Media personality: has participated in different popular programs of the leading Spanish TV channels TVE, Antena 3, Tele 5, Canal 9, Telemadrid, as well as cooperating with the top-ranking programs of the Spanish radio Onda Cero and Cadena COPE
Lecturer at the Society for International Studies and author of numerous articles and books (among them "Sustainable Development" and "What's Hiding Behind the Oil War")
Director of "A Tu Salud Verde", a weekly publication that in eight years, under Vera's leadership, won more than 20 prestigious journalism awards, including one of the most important: the Jaime I Award
His work as a journalist started with the newspaper Sol and then 16 years with the Spanish ABC (he was in charge of the Political section, National News, editorial director and director of the regional expansion of this leading Spanish daily)
Complutense University of Madrid (Information Sciences/Journalism)
For creativity and high professionalism, Jose Antonio Vera was awarded the prestigious awards in the field of journalism: "Premio de Periodismo Civil", "Premio Jaime I de Periodismo", "Premio Eisenhower", "Premio de la Fundación Bamberg sobre sanidad", "Premio Ediciones Mayo de Barcelona", "Top 10 Comunicación" of the Spanish Communications Associations, "Lider Ibercom-2012", "Honor TOP-10/Cultura y Turismo", "Master de Oro Institucional del Real Fórum de Alta Dirección", "Premio Teatro Kapital 2015" for professional trajectory and great contribution in the field of communications, as well as the award of the Institute of Professional Excellence in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of journalism, the regalia of the Red Cross Society "Gran Cruz de la Cruz Roja", the gold medal of Burgos and the Order of Civil Merit.


14 january 18:00–18:45
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Languages: Russian, Spanish
Supported by Interfax Information Agency and La Razón

Moderators: Olga Pirozhenko, Vladimir Silkin Panellists: Jose Antonio Vera, Cilia Willem, Mikhail Komissar, Guillermo Lopez Garcia, Ilya Myasnikov