Jean-Franсois Manzoni — President, Institute for Management Development (IMD)
Professor’s main areas of focus are leadership, the development of high performance organizations and corporate governance. He has received several awards for excellence in teaching as well as for his research and case writing activities, including for his seminal book “The Set-up-to-fail Syndrome: How good managers cause great people to fail” (with Jean-Louis Barsoux). A citizen of Canada and France, Professor Manzoni holds a Doctorate from Harvard Business School and an MBA from McGill University. He was Professor for seven years at IMD (2004-2010) before coming back to the school in 2016. He previously served on the faculty of INSEAD, in Singapore and in Fontainebleau. He is a member of the Human Capital Leadership Institute’s International Advisory Panel and was invited to the 2014 and 2016 World Economic Forum meetings in Davos.


14 january 18:45–19:30