Elena Shmeleva — Head, Talent and Success Foundation; Member of the Presidential Council for Science and Education
Saint-Petersburg State University (SpBU), Sociology department (1995), Candidate of Sociological Sciences (2005).
1993-1999 - Research Institute for Complex Social Studies, Saint-Petersburg State University;
1999-2006 – Director of the research agency, Director of the Russian branch of Media Tenor International, international media research institute;
2006-2007 – Expert at The Center for Strategic Research Foundation, Head of Analytical department at General Executive Committee of the «United Russia» political party;
2007-2011 – Head of the Journalism department, Saint-Petersburg State University;
2011-2014 – Vice President of the «Sistema» Charity Fund;
2012-2014 – Head of «Lift to the Future», non-profit partnership for promotion of intellectual and creative potential of the youth;
2012-2014 – Acting Dean of Higher School of Management and Innovation of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Author of two monographs and 32 scientific articles;
Since 2015 – Head of Educational Foundation «Talent and Success», Member of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation for Science and Education.


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