Dmitry Smith — President, Russian eSports Federation (ReSF Russia)
Dmitry Smith was born in 1977.
He graduated from a physics and mathematics school at MIPT, and received his higher education at the Moscow Economics and Statistics Institute (MESI, now part of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics).
One of the first successful cyber-sportsmen in Russia (he participated in real-time strategy competitions).
In 1997 ranked eighth in the international rating of WarCraft 2, in 1998 became the leader of the legendary eSports team Orky, in 1999 came second in the international rating of StarCraft. Multiple champion and medalist in major tournaments. Performed under the game name Dilvish.
In 2000 Dmitry became one of the founders of the Russian Federation of Computer Sports. Was the organizer and chief referee at the Russian qualifying games of the World Cyber Games (WCG), the most prestigious cyber-sports tournament in the world. Organizer and referee of many domestic Russian competitions.
Currently holds the position of the President of the Russian Federation of Cyber Sport. He represents Russia in the International Esports Federation (IESF). The area of responsibility of Dmitry includes strategic management of the Russian CyberFight Federation, cooperation with the state authorities and partners, supervision of all-Russian tournaments.


14 january 16:45–17:30