Dmitriy Aksakov — Vice President, VEB.RF
Dmitriy graduated with a bachelor's degree from the International Institute of Economics and Finance, whose program includes two diplomas - from the Higher School of Economics and from the University of London (majoring in economics).

Then he studied for a master's degree at Oxford University, and in 2009 got a degree in financial economics. He has been involved in and participated in the activities of the communities: Brazen College, Oxford Union, Karate Club, Russian Community.

Since 2015 studied for an MBA at Yale University - Yale School of Management. Co-Chairman of the Adam Smith Society's Hockey Finance Club.

Employment Activities

After graduating from Oxford, he took a job at Deutsche Bank in Moscow in 2010. Up to 2012 he worked as a senior specialist (global markets and corporate finance).

Then he went back to England, where from 2012 to 2015 he was in charge of cross-asset sales (capital markets and treasury solutions) at Deutsche Bank.

In June-August 2016, he worked at UBS in New York.

In May 2017, he received his MBA from Yale.

Currently holds the position of Vice President of the state corporation VEB.RF.