Andrey Makarov — Chairman of the Committee on Budget and Taxes, The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Born 22 July 1954 in Moscow.
Graduated Moscow University Law School, holds a PhD in Law.
1982-1993 attorney-at-law, defense counsel in many high-profile cases, one of the founders of an independent Bar Association of the USSR (1988).
1993 –head of the Security Council Department for support of the Interagency Commission for Fight against Corruption in the Higher Ranks of Power.
Representative of the President of Russia in the Constitutional Assembly for drafting and adopting the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
December 1993 – elected to the State Duma; Member of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th Duma.
Active participant in the drafting an adoption of practically all legislative acts concerning taxation and the budget, as well as the Law on the Auditing Chamber of the Russian Federation.
Author of the Law on the Practice of Law and the Bar Association of the Russian Federation and a large number of other major legislative acts.
Head of the working group for drafting the Law on Voluntary Declaration by Physical Persons of their Assets and Bank Accounts
Andrey Makarov is a firm and consistent advocate of enhancing the role of the Russian Parliament as a branch of state power; he was instrumental in the drafting and enacting a recently adopted amendment to the Law on Parliamentary Control whereby the Parliament is given powers to exercise control of the budget regulations, including the control of the efficiency of budget spending.


14 january 12:45–13:30
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