Andrey Chibis — Governor of Murmansk Region
Born 19 March 1979, in Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic.
1996–2001: studied Jurisprudence at the Moscow Consumer Cooperation University. 2001–2004: Lawyer (private law practice) 2004–2005: Advisor to the Governor of the Ryazan Region and later Head of the Expert Department at the Administration of the President of the Chuvash Republic.
2006–2007: Deputy Director of Construction Department, Head of Support Team for the national project Affordable Housing promoted by the Russian Ministry of Regional Development.
2007–2008: Head of the Directorate for Affordable Housing Market Development at the Federal Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities. 2008–2011: Chairman of the Management Board, member of the Managing Committee, Director for Legal and Corporate Issues, RSS Plc.
From July 2009: Vice-President of the National Union of Water Utility. 2011–2012: Executive Director of the Socioeconomic and Political Research Institute Fund under the All-Russia People’s Front. Since October 2011: Executive Director of NP Development of Housing and Utilities. Since August 2012: member of the Advisory Panel under the Russian Government and Head of the Working Group for Development of Housing and Utilities under the Advisory Panel of the Russian Government. 6 December 2013: appointed to the position of Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Russian Federation. 1 October 2014: appointed Chief State Housing Inspector of Russia. December 2015: elected Bureau Member of the UNECE Committee on Housing and Land Management.
21 March 2019: Acting Governor of Murmansk Region


15 january 10:30–11:30