Experts 2022

Dzhanik Fayziev — General Producer, Okko
Born 30.07.1961 in Tashkent.
Education: 1983-The All-Russian Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), (theatre acting and cinema). 1991 – VGIK (director-producer). Director and producer of the films: Kya-dya (1986) Siz kim siz? (1989), Kammi, (1991), Stop on Request (series 2000-2001), The Turkish Gambit (2005), and directed and produced the film August. Eighth. (2012), directed and produced the video at the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics in 2014, called Russian Odyssey.
He is the producer of the following films; Ice Age (series, 2002), Russians in the City of Angels (series 2002), Saboteur (series, 2002), Admiral (2008), High Security Vacation (2009), Et tu, Brute? and A global History of Betrayals (series 2009).
He has directed the following programmes: Kinopanorama (1995), Intercept (1997), The Other Day 61-91, Our Era (1997), 10 Songs about Moscow (1997), Lord of Taste (2003).
He has received the following awards and prizes: the All-Union Film Festival “Youth”, (Kya-dya 1988, Siz kim siz? 1989), the Debut Film Festival: prize for best film (Siz kim siz? 1989), the International Film Festival in Tel Aviv: the special jury prize (Kya-dya 1990); the Russian Federation State Prize in educational activity for the television programme Formula of Power (2002); the Golden Eagle Prize for best television series or mini-serial (Saboteur, 2008), the TEFI Award in the category of producer of a film/series (Et tu, Brute?, 2009), and the Georges Prize for August. Eighth (Russian Action of the Year, 2012).
He is a member of the advisory board of the Federal Fund for Social and Economic Support of Russian Cinematography. He is also a member of the Russian Federation Minister of Defence Public Council.
He has joined Okko as General Producer of the multimedia service since April 2021.