Experts 2022

Igor Mishin — MTS Media / KION CEO
Russian media manager, film and TV producer, Vice-President of the Russian Television Academy, member of the European Film Academy, winner of the Russian Government Prize in Science and Technology, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Street Film Festival.
Founder of the largest regional media holding Fourth Channel, including three TV channels, eight radio stations, and three newspapers (1991 - 2007).
He was CEO of TNT-TV Network from 2014 to 2016. Under his leadership, the channel reached its historic high in terms of share - 13.4%.
A few years earlier, he headed A-One Concept Media Inc. and was a shareholder of Media-1 (part of UTV Holding), where he took the position of General Producer of TV Service CJSC (Muz-TV channel).
Since 2008, Igor Mishin has produced a number of successful film series (Ovshinki, Izmeny, The Drunken Firm, Orleans, The Policeman from Rublevki and others).
Currently holds the position of MTS Vice President for Media Business Development and General Director of MTS Media/online cinema KION.