Experts 2022

Eugenia Serova — Director, Institute for Agricultural Research, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Eugenia Serova was graduated at economic department in Moscow state university with honors degree. Later in the same university she got PhD and doctor degree in economics. Used to work in the research institutes and Presidium of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Was one of the authors of the new USSR land law. In 1991-1994 was an economic adviser to the Russia’s Minister of Agriculture, participated in agrarian reform in the country. Since 1994 a head of the department in the Institute for Economy in Transition and of Analytical Centre AFE. Was a Professor and Chair in the Higher School of Economics. In the 1990s-2000s took part in elaboration of legislative and strategic documents on agrarian development, advised to the ministers of agriculture, economics, and finance, worked in a number of Russia’s regions and in CIS. Since 2007 is a senior adviser to director of FAO Investment Centre. Participated and had a lead in a number of projects in CIS, in sub-Saharan Africa. Was FAO coordinator of the World Grain Forum, St.Petersburg, 2009. Has the awards of Russia’s and France’s Ministries of Agriculture, Stolypin Foundation and Rosstat. Member of International, European, and Russian associations of agricultural economists. Has several books and text books, some 150 publications in Russian and international journals.