Experts 2022

Natalya Popova — First Deputy General Director, Innopraktika
Natalia Popova, First Deputy СEO of the Non-State Development Institute “Innopraktika”, President of Vision Media Center LLC, graduated from Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation and the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies of Moscow State University. Natalia is a member of the Boards of Directors of ITECMA LLC, VEB Ventures LLC, also the Supervisory Boards of the INTC Composite Valley Foundation and MSP Bank JSC, as well as the Board of Trustees of the School Unit of the “Phystech XXI” cluster and the autonomous non-profit educational organization “Phystech-lyceum” named after P.L. Kapitsa. In addition, she is the chairman of the board of directors of IAC OJSC, the co-chairman of the Coordinating Council for the introduction of innovative Russian products into the production and economic activities of Gazprom. Natalia is a member of the Council for the Implementation of the Federal Scientific and Technical Program for the Development of Agriculture for 2017-2025; the working group which provide support to small and medium businesses in high-tech sectors of the economy, including those introducing innovations, implementing projects in the field of import substitution and (or) producing export products and services; to the Expert council for the development of financial instruments and non-financial measures to support enterprises of Russia's defense industry under the Commission of the State Duma on legal support for the development of organizations in the defense industry of Russia. Natalia is the originator and the host of Innopraktika media projects, including such projects as “Dom uchenyh” (lit.: The House of Scientists) in cooperation with “Kultura” TV channel, “Nauka” (lit.: Science) in cooperation with “Russia-24” TV channel, also a member of the committee for preparation and implementation of the global project "Russian Seasons". Since December 2019, Natalia Popova has been holding the position of the Ombudsman representing interests of high-tech leading companies, established on the Commissioner for Entrepreneurs' Rights at the President of the Russian Federation institution basis.