Experts 2022

Vladimir Nazarov — Director, Financial Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Nazarov CSc (Econ.) is Director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Scientific-Research Institute of Finance”, member of the Russian Ministry of Finance College and member of the Expert Board under the Russian Government.
2004–2005: Junior Fellow at the Macroeconomics and Finance Division, Institute for the Economy in Transition.
2005–2007: headed the laboratory of fiscal federalism and subnational finance, Institute for the Economy in Transition.
2007–2012: headed the Academy of National Economy under the Russian Government.
Since 2013: Deputy Director, Science, Institute of Social Analysis and Forecast at RANEPA under the Russian President. Since 2013: Director, Financial Research Institute.
His academic interests include inter-budgetary relations (including development of methods for transfer distribution between regional and local budgets), reform of the public sector, developing methods for assessing the efficiency of regional and local authorities, direct taxes, pension reform and healthcare economics. He is included among the Top-100 reserve of public administration staff under the patronage of the Russian President.