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Dmitry Makhonin — Governor of Perm Territory
Dmitry Makhonin was born in a small rural village of Ryabinino in Perm Oblast on 18 October 1982.
In 2004, he graduated from the Law Faculty of Perm State University with a degree in law.
He began his career in 2004 as a specialist of the 1st category of the department of administrative and economic support and work with correspondence of the Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) for Perm Krai.
From April 2008, he was the Deputy Head of the FAS Russia Directorate for Perm Krai. And on 8 June 2009, he was promoted as the Head of the FAS Russia Directorate for the Perm Krai.
On 28 January 2013, Makhonin was appointed head of the FAS Russia's fuel and energy complex control department.
In 2016, Makhonin unsuccessfully ran for the VII convocation of the State Duma for Perm Krai as a representative of the Yabloko party.
On 6 February 2020, Makhonin was appointed as acting Governor of Perm Krai. On 7 October, he assumed the duties of Chairman of the Government of Perm Krai.